Daniel Cuevas

Technolgy Enthusiast

Work Experience

Twilio Inc.

IT Support Specialist II

November 2018 - Present

Internal IT support for Twilio and Twilio Sendgrid. Providing in person and remote support through tickets and slack to ~3000 users with 95% Macs and 5% Windows machines.
Automating tasks within GSuite and Okta through BetterCloud to reduce manual labor on account/groups.
Managing Gsuite accounts throughout the lifecycle of an employee - Onboarding and offboarding of the account upon termination.
Asset Management with Jamf and ensuring company Mac OS image is deployed properly along with the needed encryption to keep company data secured.

Google LLC.

IT Resident

2016 - September 2018

The ITR program is a 26 month fixed-term program designed to jumpstart graduates in their career in IT. More specifically it’s what is regarded internally as Techstop. Providing technical in person and remote support for employees on all major platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS. Troubleshooting technical hurdles for employees and guiding them for better solutions. Scheduled techs in different areas within the region to properly staff the Techstops. Enhanced ticket handling and oversight of the regional tickets through a QA and interrupts model that has expanded and developed over time to fit Google’s needs. Supported EMEA Techstops during short staffing while upholding excellent support. Extended functionality to a support tool to allow Chrome OS devices that have been found to be restored to a functional state, which saved ~140 hours of productivity per year on techs and the support org.

Mobile Platforms - OPs rotation

July 2017 - September 2017

Part of the ITR program consists of a rotation with another team for a quarter. I worked closely with the mobile platforms team, which allowed me to get involved in the development of an automation tool for the team and fieldtechs worldwide. Chrome OS Re-enable: Added functionality to Chrome OU Mover to enable Chrome OS devices when they have been found and are in a locked out state. On average the automation tool saves ~140 hours of productivity per year based on the average amount of Chrome OS devices that are found and in a locked state.

Amiberica Inc.

Network Administrator | Wed Developer

2012 - 2016

Maintaining and upgraded the network with switches and firewall settings to increase security.
Maintained network computers and expanding connectivity throughout the company.
Initialized weekly backups of all company data with internal and external offsite backup systems.
Redesigned the company website: Amiberica.net. Implemented a responsive design for mobile devices.
Designed and developed Pyrostrip.com for the company's industrial paint removal.

Free Lance Coders Camp | IIT

Project Manager | Web Development and Java Teacher

Summer 2015
Summer 2014

Helped manage a team of 8 Computer Science/Engineering college students that lectured the basic web development principles as well as java programming skills during the Free Lance Coders Camp at IIT to high school students from around the Chicago area ranging from ages 15-18.

Exelon Summer Institute | IIT

Pre-Calculus | Computer Science Teacher Assistant

Summer 2015
Summer 2014
Summer 2013

Taught pre-calculus principles and basic java programming skills to incoming IIT students.
Developed quizzes and homework problems based on the students' abilities

Fitch Ratings | IT Department

IT intern

Summer 2011

Troubleshooting computers, printers, cell phones and network issues.
Dual-booting operating systems with Windows 7 and Linux.
Backing up individual hard drives and clearing old HDDs.
Backing up and replacing tape drives for the server(s)

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Java
  • GO
  • Webdev:
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • JQuery
  • Javascript

Technical Skills

  • Installing Physical Networks
  • Configuring System Settings
  • DNS/DHCP Server Configuration
  • Windows System Security
  • JAMF Troubleshooting
  • Linx System Security
  • Linux Server Administration
  • Linux System Installation
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Okta Management
  • SCCM Troubleshooting
  • Windows System Installation
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • System Virtualization
  • Mac Dual boot Installation
  • File system imaging/backup
  • BetterCloud automations
  • File Sharing setup


Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, Illinois

B.S in Computer Science
Graduating Class of 2016

Daniel Cuevas — dannycuevas92@gmail.com